This website is being developed in an effort to help preserve "Underground Radio" of the 60's and 70's by fans of Los Angeles radio personality Bobby Blue of KMET-FM, Los Angeles, CA; KWST-FM, Los Angeles, CA; KNAC-FM, Los Angeles, CA; KPRI-FM, San Diego, CA; KYMS-FM, Anaheim, CA; KFXM, San Bernardino, CA, KTKT, Tucson, AZ, KCLB-FM, Palm Springs, CA, and various other stations.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s Bobby Blue was a program consultant to friend Rick Carroll, program director for KROQ, Los Angeles, CA. Bobby is known for being an early pioneer of the "Free Form Progressive Rock FM Radio" format with over 35 years of professional broadcasting and outstanding service to the broadcast industry.

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  • Listen to Veterans Day Tribute Interview
  • Currently, in 2015, Bobby is "President/CEO" of Los Angeles based "Bobby Blue Media Productions" that produces and places time buys for programs delivered via Satellite and aired on stations and translators across the United States.

    He also develops and maintains four music formats including AC, CHR, Rock and Inspo for Internet and terrestrial radio broadcast.

    He is also the "Program/Music Consultant" for the "Next Wave Radio Network"

    Bobby does fill-in weekend shifts on local So. Cal. stations.

    Interviews KNAC Earth News
    News Blimps

    Bobby interviewing Governor Ronald Reagan at KFXM in 1968. Bobby asked Mr. Reagan about removing funding for State Universities which sparked demonstrations/riots on many State College campuses.

    Bobby hanging out with Tommy Bolin of Deep Purple during his radio show at KNAC-FM in 1974. Tommy was a good friend and frequent visitor to the Bobby Blue radio show.

    Bobby pictured with David Measham, conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra (passed away 6th February 2005), Ron McCoy (KNAC-FM), and Rick Wakeman (of the rock group Yes) at debut of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" at KNAC-FM in 1974.

    Bobby Blue's weekly syndicated television rock show in the late 70's and early 80's "Rockola Friday Night" featured National and local acts. Featured here: The Mechanics.
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